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Tan Removal Exfoliating Mitt

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“Best fake tan exfoliator! Visibly removes fake tan in seconds with benefit of a deep exfoliation”

Meet your Tan Removal Hero! The exfoliating mitt all tan addicts need! The best body exfoliator to help get rid old, patchy fake tan and prepare for a fresh application. 

Handcrafted from Vegan Plant Silk specifically for sunless tanners. Instantly working its magic within 60 seconds, it deeply exfoliates the skin and visibly lifts and peels away layers of dead skin cells. 

Made specifically for self tanner it can also be used by people with normal and combination skin types. It’s specially formulated unique coarse texture, instantly exfoliates through premium peeling of dead skin cells and provides a smooth surface for a flawless, non-blotchy tanning finish and removes old tans without leaving any residue behind. 

All Folia products are natural, cruelty-free and sustainable. 100% Natural Silk-Viscose threads made from wood pulp, and do not use any silkworms or irritants.

  • Remove Fake Tan Instantly
  • Effortlessly Remove Dead Skin
  • Prevents Breakouts
  • Smoothes Skin
  • Clear Congestion; Unclogs Pours and ingrown hairs
  • Tones, Tightens & Accelerates New Skin Cells
  • Fades Scaring & Stretch Marks
  • Boots Blood Circulation
  • Promotes Collagen 
  • Reduces Fine Lines & Sun Damage
  • Provides a Smooth Base for Fake Tan Application
  • Restores a Healthy Glow
  • 100% Natural & Cruelty Free
  • Sustainable (lasts up to 150 uses)
  • For all Skin Types
  • Handmade in Turkey

 TIP: Soft and gentle on skin, it can be used twice a week as a skin purifying treatment.

How to Use


Take a warm bath or shower for at least five minutes to soften the skin.  Avoid using any soaps, shower gels, or similar products as the glove relies on direct friction with the skin. Just add water!



 Remove yourself from the water. Start to rub skin with long firm strokes, in upwards and downward motions until peeling occurs.

You may notice your skin start to peel. When this happens, avoid rinsing the peeling skin off your body as these skin particles will aid in further exfoliation.



Rinse mitt and squeeze out excess water. (Do not use any soaps or detergents), hang to dry in a dry place.


  • Skin must be clean of any soaps, salts, or bubbles prior to use. 
  • It is recommended to replace your glove every 2 months for hygienic purposes.
  • Gently use around sensitive areas
  • Mitt will shrink with first use
  • One size fits all

Skin peeling depends on skin type and visible peeling results are not guaranteed as everyone's skin is different. Skin will be exfoliated regardless if visible peeling occurs. Results vary depending on skin type.

    Why Exfoliate

    Everyday our body continuously sheds dead skin cells and replaces them with new ones. This process isn't smooth, and slows down as we age, leaving our skin to look dry, dull and congested. 

    This is why it is important to exfoliate with the Folia Exfoliating Mitt. Our Mitt restores healthy skin and removes skin imperfections like Pigmentation, Keratosis Pilaris, Skin Bumps, Ingrown hairs from your skin’s surface and stimulates regeneration of new skin cells. Leaving you with beautiful, healthy skin – more radiant than ever before.  



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Grace Laing

    This product has completely changed the tanning game. no longer are the days of wasting litres of body wash to scrub off an old tan, this mit does it all !!!! So easy, so quick and so simple!

    Jane. L
    Treated KP

    I was skeptical on how a mitt would be able to help with KP but let me tell you this this mitt is amazing. After 1 month i started to see visible results. I highly recommend for treating KP.

    Georgia Hanna

    The best fake tan removal mitt I have ever used. Took my tan off super fast and left my legs feeling so smooth.